How to prepare for your engagement session

Congratulations! You’re getting married!

This is such an exciting and overwhelming time and you may be wandering what is next between choosing a venue, your dress and so much more that comes along with the first couple of weeks. Well that’s why I’m here! To encourage you and let you know that everything is going to be BEAUTIFUL!

So what now?! Engagement session time!

Engagement sessions are a great way to get used to being in front of the camera and building a relationship with your photographer. One of my favorite parts of walking through this process with my clients is getting to know my couples prior to the wedding ceremony— An engagement session is the perfect way to do this!

Trust me, from doing this for 4 years and experiencing this for myself, I can honestly say your engagement pictures will be used OVER and OVER! From your save the dates, to your invitations, as display (for your shower, rehearsal dinner and WEDDING!) And yes even for social media purposes!

This post is for anyone who booked an engagement session with me or is just curious on this topic. Whether you’re uncertain about what to wear to your session or how prepare for it.

Here is a list of quick tips to help you:

1.   Choose your outfits

 This is SOOO important… Its why its my number 1 on this list. Find outfits that will look flattering, great on camera and that will compliment one another! Notice, I said compliment… NOT match :) Also, brides: pay attention to your grooms’ attire. Sometimes we get so caught up in our outfit that we forget his. We want to make sure this session reflects both of you successfully! So here is my inspo board for Engagement Session Attire.  


2. Use the opportunity to get dolled up.

It’s not every day that you get professional pictures taken! So enjoy the process— pamper yourselves if you can. Ladies, get your make up & hair professionally done … Grooms, go get a trim! I truly recommend this because if you feel beautiful/ handsome, it will make all the difference in your camera confidence. Brides, I REALLY recommend applying SPF free make-up because SPF make up can make your face look paler.

3. Know what to expect during the engagement session.

Worried about the poses? The creative direction? Relax. It will all be taken care of, you will quickly catch on to some of the basic poses. Also, please remember that this is a time when you two are simply spending time together as its caught on camera. Its all in the breathing and don’t be afraid of having a conversation as I shoot. It’s a time to be yourselves and relish the moment!

 4. Where should we have our photos taken?

Not to worry, I have a couple of spots I love to shoot at and will suggest. Let me know the basics, are you looking for: City? Country? Bit of both? Lake? Ocean? Rocks? Generally, I love locations that can give us various scenes. I typically prefer timeless outdoor locations, with plenty of natural lighting (although indoor locations can also work great)


5. About what time should we plan to begin taking photos?

As long as the sun is not right above you two, I’m fine shooting anywhere between 10-7. However, 2 hours before sunset is usually the best time to shoot. Golden hour is very popular amongst my clients & the prettiest lighting. So, for example, if sunset is at 7:30pm, we'll usually plan to start around 5pm.