Hola! <3

My name is Michele and many call me Coco.

I am a Miami-based lifestyle/fine art photographer— but don't let my location stop you from contacting me! I have traveled as far as Colorado for a shoot.

My passion is capturing the different seasons God has created such as marriage, birth and family. 

I also shoot events and general sessions. Feel free to contact me and ask for my current packages and specials (if any). 

If you love recorded images of the different seasons life has to offer, then I am positive we would make a perfect match!

Let all that you do be done in love.  —  1 Corinthians 16:14


I love...


JESUS! Traveling, My FIANCEÉ Amner (Ahh, yay!),  Good coffee, Editing pictures I take, Fashion, Bookstores, Bible Journaling, Dancing, Making people smile, Essential oils, My Happy planner, Free samples, Creating, Unexpected friendships, Making lists, Random acts of kindness, Cooking, Hispanic vegan meals, Dried Mango treats, Cozy coffee shops, Art supply stores, Smoothie bowls, Fireworks, Hugs, Kitchens, My aunts Banana bread, Plane tickets, Fellowshipping at church, School supplies, My mermaid quilt, Iced coffee in the summer, Working out, Solo beach dates, Dates with Amner, Musicals, Brunch, Hanging out with my sisters, Bonfires made by Amner, My poodle Lily, Skylights, Unwrapping presents, Candles, and the list goes on in my brain.

Btw, Ashley Taylor shot this AWESOME pic of us!<3

islands of cocoplum.png